Located just minutes from Ipswich town centre, Oates Osteopathy is owned and operated by Elizabeth Oates Bsc (Hons). Elizabeth has been working as an Osteopath and treating pain for over twenty years. When people’s lives have been thrown into disarray because they feel like their bodies are failing them, Elizabeth is there to help.


Osteopathy is a natural way to treat the whole body in a time of physical crisis. The benefits of the treatment reach far and wide - from helping with pain, kick starting weight loss and healthy living to recovering from a sports injury. Elizabeth can even help those suffering from mobility loss due to age or joint replacement.


Your personal introduction to the service starts with a consultation with Elizabeth, where she will conduct an assessment of your health, wellbeing and medical history. This helps her to gain a deep understanding of your body and what it has been through, allowing for a tailor made treatment of your problem areas at your next appointment.



Please bring a change of clothes such as swimming / holiday shorts or exercise leggings and a vest top. Your comfort is key and you are more than welcome to bring a friend.


Elizabeth will take you through several movements in order to assess flexibility, before moving on to the treatment, which involves soft tissue articulation and stretching, There will be no high velocity thrusts or forceful movements involved during either the initial assessment or subsequent treatments.


At the end of treatment Elizabeth will give you an overview of what is going on, including how many sessions are required to get better quality and balance. You will be given a plan of action and a series of exercises that can be done at home.


“Keeping up to date with current developments in Osteopathy and general health care is very important in modern day practice as things are improved faster than ever these days” - Elizabeth Oates Bsc (Hons)


"Over 20 years experience in the field  of Osteopathy and wellbeing."

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